Webster Groves Concert Hall

                                                       Webster Groves Concert Hall
                                              St. Louis, Missouri 



                                   Saturday September 9,  8pm
                        3rd Annual Horace Silver Tribute

                                   Randy Holmes - trumpet
                                   Larry smith - tenor sax
                                   Carolbeth True - piano
                                   Willem Von Hombracht - bass
                                   Kevin Gianino - drums

                        Admission $10 in advance, $15 at the door.
                For advance reservations click >>  Horace Silver
                  See current poster page

                                          Sunday Sept 10th 3 - 5:30pm

                A big reunion concert - party - dance! 

                         With old friends and colleagues!
                     Curt Landes keyboards and vocals
                     Daryl Darden guitar/bass and vocals
                     Vince Martin guitar/bass and vocals
                     Jon Whiting - vibraphone
                     L'Angelo Mysterioso - drums
                   They will hit the spot with their amalgamation of
                    jazz, blues, latin, pop and rock.   This will be a great
                    get together!  Admission only $10 in advance or
                    at the door.   Call or text if possible 314-962-7000.  Or
                        just come to the door, but do come!


                           Friday Sept. 15,  8pm       Free Jazz Concert!
                 Steve Davis' Super Band
                      Steve Davis - drums
                      Feyza Eren - vocals
                      Paul DeMarinis - saxes
                      Vince Varvel - guitar
                      Eric Stiller - bass
              This fantastic event is on us.  Free admission to a band you will
          never forget.  They will cut loose with the best of their originals and 
          interpretations of others' outstanding compositions.  Not to be missed!

                        See current poster page   


                                                              September 29th  8pm
                      Nashville R&B and Soul Artist
                                    Heidi Burson
                 Heidi is an award winning recording artist and songwriter.  She has toured Europe and the US and is especially well-known in the UK, having performed in
the 100 club in London and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.  Her music is a regular feature on BBC radio.   You can learn more about her at
Heidi Burson.com.
                    Admission only $10 in advance or $15 at the door.
                 For advance reservations click >>  Heidi 
                       See current poster page
                    Saturday September 30 - 8pm
                             Tropical Moods  

                         Herman Semidey Orchestra
                             finest in Caribbean Rhythms
                    Admission $10 in advance, $15 at the door
                            advanced reservations click >> Tropical Moods
Heidi is an award winning artist and songwriter






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